Hello! I'm Brigette and I'm just here waiting for Tom Ford's and Martin McDonagh's next films.

Chris Pratt interrupts the interview to french braid intern’s hair x


Hi guys :) My last follow forever was very short and I have so many people to thank, so I made a new one, a big one. I just wanna tell you how much I love you and how much I’m grateful for your kindness and friendship. Sounds stupid but you made my day, everyday.


get to know me meme: [4/8] male characters jake peralta
"This job is eating me alive. I can’t breathe anymore. I spent all these years trying to be the good guy; the man in the white hat. I’m not becoming like them… I am them. [What are you doing, weirdo?] I’m doing the best speech from Donnie Brasco.”

At her audition, she asked the producer and director for a moment to focus. Then she laid on the floor for five minutes. “I love that girl, […] she didn’t know you’re not supposed to do breathing exercises in the middle of a fucking audition. She only knew to follow her own instinct.”  - Oh says with a laugh, reflecting on her younger self (x)

Bryan Cranston, Vince Gilligan and Aaron Paul accept the ‘Program of the Year’ award for “Breaking Bad” onstage during the 30th Annual Television Critics Association Awards on July 19, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California.

Phoebe Buffay Best Comebacks